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It all started on a cloudy January afternoon nine years ago when I got my real estate license. After earning Rookie of the Year my first year, I dedicated my career to helping buyers find the house they will call home. I use my experience and thorough understanding of the home buying process to get you the home you want and deserve.  I'm also co-founder and co-owner of a local yoga studio in Mandeville, Bayou Yoga.  I love being involved in my community on all the different levels.  I'm a Canada native but have made the Northshore my home for the past 9 years. I have a 15 year son, Ryan, and an almost 3 year standard poodle, Bubba Ghanoush, which you will more than likely meet one day. He's my buddy for the "showing- houses-buddy-system" I've made a policy for my business.  Before we jump in, we'll need to decide if working together is the best scenario for both of us. And if it is, I hope you're ready for a fabulous home buying experience!  You're going to love me... I mean IT, you're going to love IT!  Happy Home Hunting!!

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